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Is there such a thing as a perfect rack when climbing gear design is evolving so quickly? Probably not – with innovative new products promising improved security, easier use and weight reduction coming out all the time, combined with wear on your trusted favourites, it pays to keep up to date with what’s changing in the world of climbing equipment so your rack is as good, light and effective as it can be.

It’s not as enjoyable as the climbing itself, but careful selection of the gear that’s going to see you through your next trip or route is critical for safety and comfort. There’s little worse than getting two thirds of the way up a route and having to retreat for lack of protection. Other than decking out that is.


Choosing wisely can also keep you on the line between having everything you need and hauling far too much weight up there with you. We cover all bases for climbing equipment:  a great selection of hardware for trad, sport, bouldering, even aid climbing along with all the PPE, rock shoes and chalkbags you could need. We also have knowledgeable staff who climb themselves, so you’ll be in good company if you want to discuss things like the relative merits of quickdraws or the dynamics of ropes.


It goes without saying that it’s all high quality equipment by the top brands in the climbing industry, but if you’re just starting out you’ll find the basics as well as the sophisticated tools in our extensive range. Even better, we stock climbing training aids and finger tape to get you improving faster and climbing longer.


Don’t forget to look at our Men’s and Women’s Clothing sections for smart climbing apparel too, as well as technical climbing packs under Packs and Bags. And if the cold stuff entices, see our winter climbing range in  too. All you need to stay safe and enjoy getting up to something – if verticality is your thing we’ve got the climbing gear for you.