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There’s nought like a hot meal at the end of a good day out to set you up for a good night’s sleep (except perhaps a nightcap afterwards – cocoa of course). When self-sufficient this is sometimes a challenge, but with the right cooking equipment you can produce hot food of some kind almost anywhere.

Whether you’re cooking for a group or just yourself when having to carry your own kitchen facilities,having effective cooking equipment is everything. By cooking equipment we mean all the gear you need to prepare, cook, eat and wash up after a square meal. But by the same token, there’s usually a limit on the amount of weight and space it’s sensible to devote to feeding kit which changes according to the activity.


Fortunately, innovative design comes to the rescue; as you’ll see from our range it’s possible to select stove, utensils and food to fit the most stringent requirements for weight and space and still be able to eat well. Not that we’re saying you can pull off cordon bleu with a Pocket Rocket and a titanium mug, but hey, who wants cordon bleu when what you need is something filling and nutritious to power your fast and light journey.


The simplest and lightest way to fuel up is to carry dehydrated meals – then cooking becomes as easy as boiling water and the only washing up is your spoon. Pre-cooked wet meals offer a slightly heavier alternative, but can be eaten cold if all else fails.


At the other extreme, cooking equipment for a long group trip needs to maximise options at minimal weight. For this, nesting pans and a multi-fuel stove, or even a Group Cooking System (GCS) is weight- and space-efficient but facilitates ‘proper cooking’, assuming the flame control is good. Add a few specially designed kitchen tools (and plenty of planning) and you’re set to produce meals that are as tasty and filling as you’d make at home.


We have all sorts of options to cover all sorts of outdoor situation and can recommend solutions for even the most extreme environments or reluctant cooks. After all, you can’t overestimate the value of a good meal to keep you at your best outdoors.