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Whilst there's much more to a good day out than good kit, your equipment can make or break a trip and nowhere is this more true than on your feet. The wrong shoes can be anything from a minor irritation to a serious hazard so it's critical to have the right technical footwear for the job in hand.

The interface between you and your supporting surface deserves plenty of consideration. Only when you're confident of your feet staying where you put them can you be confident of the rest of your movement. Therefore not only do you need the right sole design and material to securely grip the rock, ground or ice but your feet need to be held firmly though comfortably inside. And this in a world of differing size interpretations, last shapes and degrees of 'give'!


Because of this, buying technical footwear online makes finding the best pair for you challenging to virtually impossible: we'd always recommend visiting the shop to try on and compare different sizes and brands side by side if you possibly can, particularly when looking for highly specialist mountaineering boots. Call us in advance to reserve the models you're after.


But we do know that sometimes that isn't an option, so our professional bootfitters are available on the phone or by email to guide and suggest options where needed. They have the experience and knowledge to find what you need within our range and make adjustments for the best possible fit.


Whether you want hard-wearing walking boots for professional use, lightweight dog-walking trainers, your next B3 winter boots or new rock shoes to see off a troublesome crux, we have the outdoor footwear to suit. Plus our range of socks, inserts, laces, proofing and care accessories will see your feet covered for every eventuality.


Once you've got your walking shoes or mountain boots, it's vital to try them on for several hours indoors to be absolutely certain they fit. Ideally walk around in them at different times of day including in the evening after a day on your feet. If any troubles emerge, let us know and our sixty day returns policy will see you sorted in no time. Otherwise, when they've been thoroughly tested you'll be secure in the knowledge that your boots will be comfortable throughout your journey.