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Head Torches

Hands-free lighting is one of those things that it’s difficult to do without when you’re living outdoors. A good headtorch can even be a lifesaver if you get caught out on the mountain after dark. Don’t rely on something that’s not up to spec: choose from our selection of powerful, robust and comfortable headlamps, pack spare batteries and never be left in the dark.

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Light up your world: sticking a headtorch on your head is a simple solution to failing light, but only if you have one that’s got enough guts (and battery power) for the job. Whether you need something simple just to illuminate inside your tent or a means of lighting your multiple night-time activities, we have the headlight for you.

Who knows where outdoor lighting would be without LEDs. Still at the huge, heavy miner’s lamp stage probably. But with Light Emitting Diodes, powerful and effective lighting weighs only about half as much as a camping ready meal and it’s barely noticeable on your head. Not only that, but LEDs are much more robust, brighter and longer-lived than filament bulbs and they’re much cheaper too. No wonder all our lightweight lighting uses LED technology.

Most of the options in our range run on standard AAA or AA batteries so there’s the option of using lithium batteries in cold conditions. Some however have rechargeable batteries that charge by USB or mains electricity – you may need a spare to carry with you when out of range of plug-in power but the battery is designed for cold weather performance. Many of the headlamps have one casing for light, switches and casing, but you’ll find the higher performing lamps use a separate battery case held elsewhere for greater comfort and the option to keep it warm in your jacket.

Almost all sit on an adjustable elastic headband, giving you the flexibility to find a fit that’s secure but comfortable for you. The exceptions are those designed to be most compact – retracting Kevlar cord does a similar job at a fraction of the weight. They’ll all fit over a hood or helmet too, giving you hands-free vision when climbing or in inclement weather.

When it comes to lighting, there are plenty of possibilities to add adaptability to your illumination. Instantly in the case of the last big leap forward - reactive lighting: automatically changing the character of the beam between focused, ambient and distance lighting so you can read maps etc on the fly without fiddling with switches. Red light for night vision preservation, power-saving modes, distance and ambient options and regulated lighting are some of the other features that help to customise the light to your situation as it changes. Some of our headlights are even programmable for a perfect match to your environment.

For any outdoor activity at any level, a headtorch is an essential item to have in your pack. Whether you’re heading out for just a day or living outside for a while, you’ll find moving and working at night easier with quality hands-free lighting.