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Packs & Bags

Few outdoor pursuits require so little gear that you don’t need some form of container to carry it with you at some point. But that doesn’t mean you have to feel overly encumbered by your pack. Though our selection of technical backpacks and tough luggage is extensive to say the least, every rucksack, commuter pack, holdall and lumbar pack is designed and built to heft your kit comfortably and last for years.

Of course matching the pack to the purpose is essential; many are specialised for specific applications so will excel in their intended situation but fall short when out of their designed comfort zone. And of course there are trade-offs between weight and durability, comfort and cost.

A technical climbing pack might not be the absolute lightest or most comfortable model available, but it’ll keep holding your gear when being hauled up a route. And your back wouldn’t thank you for using the rucksack straps of a holdall over long distances, but the bag will take all sorts of accidental abuse without giving in.


Our team can help where needed too; they’ve carried all sorts of things all over the place and appreciate the value of having the most appropriate pack for the job. They can guide you through the fitting process for a rucksack, starting with the hipbelt and tailoring the back length and shoulder straps to your shape. And they can help when there’s a question of what sort of bag or pack to choose.


Perhaps you’ll be on foot with all you need for a self-sustaining two-month trip? A high-end rucksack or expedition pack will keep the load tolerable and never let you down. Or flying out on an adventure holiday requiring a super-rugged tarp-walled duffle? Maybe you need a comfortable backpack for braving public transport each day? Or something ultra-lightweight for moving much faster under your own steam?


Wherever you’re heading with whatever gear, we have the means of moving it safely and comfortably.