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Travel Bags

When you’re travelling there’s a lot to think about, no matter what the purpose. Give yourself one less thing to consider; pack your gear in one of our robust, reliable and easy to use travel bags and focus on the important things.

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There are few worse ways to start a trip of any kind than finding your belongings all over the airport carousel from a collapsed case. Avoid that possibility and that of failure anywhere else: take luggage that’s made to be stronger than baggage handling systems, porters and other peoples’ cases as well as convenient and manoeuvrable when you’re using it. Our selection of travel bags do all this without sacrificing style; they’re ideal for a wide range of journeys and contents and look the business too.

All travel has luggage in common; however much or little there is, having an effective means of transporting your essential belongings is fundamental to the success of your trip. The further you’re going and the longer you’re going for, the more important it is to have luggage you can rely on. For a hotel-based holiday it’s easy to find an appropriate case, but gap-year travel, globe-trotting tours and adventure travel require something more specialised and made for reliability. Just the sort of travel bag you’ll find in our range.

Whether you’re hopping from place to place or exploring from a base, short-hauling or long-hauling, we have a bag for you. From rolling or carry-on hand baggage to specialised travel rucksacks and duffle bags on wheels, you’ll find your next travel companion here. All are soft-sided, but if you need rugged protection, one built from tarpaulin fabric will fit the bill. Some come with a detachable daysack – ideal for both getting to and exploring new places. When the load’s going to be too big to carry, choose from those with sturdy handles and robust wheels to manoeuvre easily anywhere. In fact you may even have trouble deciding which is best; for expert assistance or advice, give us a call.

Whichever you select, you can rest assured that it’ll look after your kit every step of the way; packing, securing, transporting and living out of your travel bag are all easier with good design, so a reliable bag is an investment in the success of your journey.