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Snow & Ice

Winter climbers, mountaineers and skiers are in the minority in hoping for a hard winter. Whilst most of the population worry about snow and ice causing disruption and discomfort, we’re revelling in the idea of clear summits, rock-solid cascades and making tracks through pristine powder. To make the most of these when they do happen in the UK, you need to be prepared to grab your gear and go at a moment’s notice; make sure your winter kitbag is up to scratch and ready for the off with our pick of some of the best gear available.

Serious conditions call for equipment you can rely on, at least as much as the equipment that’s going to prevent impact in the event of a fall. Cold weather, particularly the moderately cold but frequently wet and windy weather of these isles, is many and varied in its potential hazards so the importance of preparation can’t be overstated. Getting caught in a sudden blizzard or unexpected downpour is an occupational hazard of being on a British mountain but the right clothing and cold weather equipment can make it more of an annoyance than a disaster.


The weather would be plenty to deal with on its own, but when your winter sport also involves heavy snow or ice the importance of having reliable kit grows exponentially. Even more so when you’re travelling vertically. Much of the winter equipment we offer overlaps between disciplines: goggles, ice axe and crampons are necessary gear for any cold winter trip into the mountains, along with shovel, probe and transceiver if there’s any risk of avalanche. We have the specialist tools too though; the stuff you need to ascend an alpine route, traverse a glacier or snowshoe up a munro.


Aside from the equipment we offer some of the best winter clothing available, along with technical winter packs, sturdy mountain tents and mountaineering boots. In short, everything you need to have a great winter while the rest of the adult population is bemoaning the weather!