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Tents and Bivi Bags

There are many remarkable and beautiful places on this earth which without your own shelter you'd never be able to reach. Some require little more than a sleeping bag but others can be inhospitable even in the best conditions, becoming lethal without the correct barrier between you and the elements. Even in less serious environments a good night's sleep can be a game-changer. So the difference between enjoyment and disappointment, success and failure, even survival and not can be something as small as finding the right technical shelter.

When a tent or bivi bag is your main or only source of shelter, it becomes far more than a carefully designed assembly of poles and fabric. It's a place of rest, possibly the only one you'll have all day. It's the promise of at least a few degrees more warmth and many degrees less windchill. Perhaps not comfortable exactly, but somewhere to take the weight off your feet. And your own space when the weather is claiming all the space around you.


A good tent becomes a part of your experiences in a way that few pieces of kit do, collecting memories in the same way it gains its own familiar smell. Memorable conversations happen in tents and between bivis that could never happen anywhere else and each mark or repair tells the story of an adventure or event.


You get to know your tent by pitching it in challenging conditionss and on the only bit of flat ground for miles that turns out to be slightly smaller than the tent footprint. You find the easiest way to enter and the best way to pack it. You spend hours re-proofing the flysheet and feel a warm glow when dry underneath it in a storm. And you thank it mentally every time it's still standing after taking a beating from the wind.


Finding the right packable home from home takes careful thought. Every one has a different balance of strengths so you need to know what's most important for your purpose: resistance to weather, weight and packsize, ease and speed of pitching, durability, internal space and more are all considerations. A rugged, durable mountain tent will keep off heavy weather but weigh you down on a backpacking trip, whilst an ultralight bivi bag keeps your pack small but might not offer space to keep it dry at night.


So if you need advice or just a sounding board to think through the options out loud, our team of outdoor experts are on the end of the phone to help. We'll help you find your next faithful companion for your outdoor adventures.