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Family Camping Tents

Taking your family camping can be a big undertaking, particularly if it’s the first time for some or all. Make sure the experience is a good one by investing in the right equipment for shelter, cooking and socialising. A reliably robust and waterproof tent is a firm foundation for everything else; get that right and you’re halfway to an enjoyable camping experience.

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A family camping holiday sounds idyllic; spending time with your loved ones in the open air, cooking and eating together, then retiring to a cosy sleeping bag in your sturdy tent, listening to the sounds of the outdoors as you drift off to sleep…

Well we can’t promise all of that, but we can sort you out with a reliable family tent! Our range of five- to eight-person tents covers all bases: fully waterproof, easy to pitch and with plenty of space for everyone. There’s a range of configurations – face-to-face tents for a bit of separation between compartments and tunnel tents with big, airy communal spaces. All have straightforward pitching and robust manufacture in common – these are family tents that could last way beyond your kids growing up. They also provide plenty of headroom, so forget about crawling around in a small space to get into your sleeping bag at night.

Of course, they’re just as good for a group of adults, or for base camping with fewer people and more bikes or other bulky equipment to keep under cover – take out one of the sleeping compartments for extra space if you need it. The only constraint is the packsize and weight; a car is a necessity to transport one of these.

Whoever’s coming along with you, accommodate them in style and comfort in a well-designed, well-built family tent. With shelter sorted, you’re free to concentrate on the rest of your idyllic break!