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Women's Clothing

Women's Clothing

Haven’t things changed a lot? It’s not that long since the vast majority of outdoor clothes were men’s or ‘unisex’ (read man-shaped or shapeless) and even the ladies’ clothing looked almost the same as the men’s. Thank goodness times have moved on and more women enjoy the outdoors so there’s now almost as much choice of gear to tailor a female participant’s body to the conditions as there is for a man’s. And comfort has improved massively along with the development of a unique outdoor style. So there’s every reason for more women to kit up and get out there.

Women may be often in the minority when it comes to outdoor sport, but that doesn’t mean your need for well-designed, technical clothing is any less than your male counterpart’s. Manufacturers’ ranges nowadays reflect this, offering women’s-specific designs that keep you free and comfortable to focus on your activity.


Some brands make equivalent or similar men’s and women’s items, whilst others produce garments that are customised to ladies’ requirements which, after all, often differ from those of men. For example, being generally smaller and therefore having a slightly larger surface area to volume ratio, the average female body needs a little more insulation than the average male body. On the other hand, the female body usually produces less moisture for the clothing to have to deal with!


As well as the technical functions, today’s women’s outdoor clothes are cut for great movement, so you won’t feel restricted even during big reaches or fast-moving activity. The fabrics are chosen to feel great on and look after your skin with minimal, carefully sited seams to prevent irritation. And after all this the look is taken into account too (as it is with menswear), banishing the days of baggy waterproofs and many-pocketed trousers for a clean, straightforward and professional style that works. Yes, we’re a world away from discomfort and scruffiness being inevitable outdoors.